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Alyn has been a nurse in Thailand for over 4 years and has helped many people with travel and procedure arrangements from a variety of nations. She focuses on In Vitro Fertilization and Spine Surgery.

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Mike Koenigs is our first video guest and his journey of surviving colon cancer is inspiring. Mike shares some very useful and blunt advice on how to survive a life threatening disease. PART 2 of 2

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Mike Koenigs is our first video guest and for episode 39 he takes us on his journey of surviving colon cancer which is very inspiring. Mike shares some very useful and blunt advice on how to survive a life threatening disease.

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Shaveta Dhanda was born with a deformed hand but did not let that stop her from attaining a  Masters degree and starting her own company. She tells the story of how the loss of her parents compelled her to start a business that would help people find high quality and affordable medical care.

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In 2003, Host John Cote and his wife Jennifer decided to adopt three children, a sibling group of a girl and two boys who became their new family from Poland. In this episode, John tells the story of their adoption journey, the medical issues they encountered and how their son Peter underwent Cochlear Implant surgery to repair his deafness just 3 weeks after arriving in the United States with his new family.

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Vishal Loroia is the CEO of a medical tourism facilitation company that helps people from around the world find the best options for medical treatments in India at a very affordable price. They help over 1,000 patients per year find the right medical treatment at an affordable price.

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Join Curtis Smith as he discusses his journey to fix his back problems by traveling to Germany for back surgery with titanium inserts.

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Donna Fox was involved in a car accident in 2009 that did significant damage to her back. After suffering through years of debilitating pain she decided to get an Artificial Disk Replacement but she needed 2 disks replaced and that procedure is not authorized in the U.S. She ended up traveling to Spain to get the surgery and saved a very significant amount of money and changing her life.

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Discover how Sagar Brahmbhatt helped an English woman find treatment to overcome her kidney problem along with other specialities. Many surgeries and treatments in India can be taken care of for as little as one tenth of the cost in Europe or North America.

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Discover how Steven and his wife Cheryl traveled from Kentucky to Costa Rica and saved thousands on their annual health checkups.

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