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July 2014
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Dr. Gerardo Ramirez is the Founder and Medical Director of CR Doctors which is entirely devoted to medical services; CR stands for Costa Rica and they promote Costa Rica as the best optio  for health tourism in Latin America. Their company offers a wide variety of surgical procedures which costs one-third of the cost of procedure in the US and other European countries. Their goal is mainly to provide and guarantee the satisfaction and safety of the patients among others.

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Julie Munro is a medical travel facilitator as well as the President of Medical Travel and Quality Alliance. She founded her medical concierge business Cosmetic Surgery Travel in 2003. 

Julie began to direct her work  at MTQUA toward building an awareness in the public and in the healthcare sector of the problems in medical tourism that often prevent from getting the patients the best outcomes.

MTQUA developed an international certification program to raise the standard of treatment and care in medical tourism no matter where you go for care and what you have done.

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Colin Milner is the Founder and CEO of  International Council on Active Aging (ICAA). Over the years, he has watched how his grandmother has aged extremely well. He attributed the good health condition of her grandmother to her positive outlook in life. In this episode, he shares how our outlook in life creates an impact on how we age and on our health as well. Find out more how Colin and his organization help educate people on how to age well and achieve longevity and a quality of life.

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Perry Hunt is currently in a job site in Missouri but originally from Huntington Beach, California. It was approximately 3 years that he began to realize that he had a back problem through MRI. He tried a seeing a therapist and a chiropractor to help him remedy his problem wherein he found out that he needed to do a full hip replacement surgery. He was set to go to Houston, TX to have a 2-week pre-op and laboratory examination for his surgery only to find out that his insurance could not cover the hospital fees amounting to $100,000. Perry cancelled the surgery and researched for a solution to his problem. He googled out cash surgeries and led him to the website of Medibid. Find out how Perry was helped by Medibid get his surgery at a reasonable price and how this surgery has changed his life since then. 

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A self-insured furniture manufacturing company lead by Tim Isenhower came up with a program that provides opportunities to their employees to go to other countries to have a certain procedure done. This is provided by the company as a medical benefit package wherein 100% of the expenses are covered by them and even share 20% of the savings to their employees as part of their medical bonus.

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Aanchal Bhatia is the President and Chief Clinical Psychologist of Texas Medical Concierge, a global company based in India and Texas that provides medical concierge and telemedicine lounge services. These services allow clients to have access to the worlds leading doctors for any type of healthcare need.

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After undergoing conventional therapy for MS for several years, Fort Worth police sergeant Preston Walker learned about a new treatment for autoimmune disorders. Researchers were utilizing adult stem cells derived from cord blood at The Institute of Cellular Medicine in Costa Rica. Walker inquired about the potential of the treatment for multiple sclerosis. He knew that if the treatment worked, the potential benefits for multiple sclerosis patients could be limitless.

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The CEO of Sky Medicus, Amy Holcomb discusses the large variety of healthcare options  her company provides globally. Amy actually got started when she became a medical tourist herself to overcome back pain she was having after going on vacation with her family. From Cancer treatment to cosmetic dental implants to orthopedic surgeries and much more, they have Doctors and medical facilities that can handle your issue. We were particularly impressed with the amount of background checks and due diligence they perform on behalf of their clients.

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