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Ralph Weber is based in Houston and is the Founder and CEO of Medibid caters to patients globally wherein they provide quality health care with transparency in pricing and quality. They allow patients to compare quality and price from the doctors that bid on their services  and therefore helping them come up with an informed decision. This breakthrough system in the health care aspect basically aids patients to save a huge percentage on health care costs especially if you are paying out of pockets or the procedure you need is not covered by your insurance. Find out more of this story and how this new system can help anyone shop for medical care without compromising affordability and quality.

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Melanie is a Technology Assistant and is a resident of Tennessee. She has been suffering weight-loss issues years back and decided to undergo a Gastric Sleeve Surgery in October 2012. Melanie was an OCD by nature and she basically made an extensive and investigative research about the surgeons and facilities that she would want to have the procedure performed.  Find out more of her success story and how she related the importance of diligence in doing research before considering to undergo any procedures offshore.

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Rye Taylor had been having acid reflux problems for several years and it eventually destroyed his front teeth. After getting a quote for dental implants that was too expensive, here traveled to Mexico for 3 days of treatment that changed his life.

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Judi Lecoq is from Arlington, Texas and she is the Director of Multiple Sclerosis Radio wherein it deals with anything MS - be it someone who is diagnosed with MS or someone who has survived it.  Apparently, in the year 1997, she herself, was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. At 2005, she started to feel weak and tired which made them decide to shut down the business that they opened ten years back. Since her system has further deteriorated, she no longer cannot walk on a cane and had to order a scooter which she can use to go to places. Just like any other patients, she did an extensive research online and eventually chose a clinic in Panama which she found to have plenty of scientific papers that support their stem cell research. Her health condition has improved following her first stem cell treatment in June 2010. Find out more about her journey with MS and how stem cell has improved her condition.

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Russell Scott is from Austin, Texas and is a former World-Class Team Bike Racer and a member of the US National Cycling Team. Everything was going well in his career until last 1991, he was diagnosed with MS and the news came in a month before he got married. Prior to his diagnosis, he was starting to see symptoms of his illness but disregarded them until 2 years later they had their first child, his left arm started to deteriorate and eventually couldn't drive and then realized that the MS has already progressed. He has used a variety of treatments possible for his MS  and that includes the use of Disease Modifying Drugs (DMDs) which just basically slow down the progression of MS but not improve it. He is planning to receive an HSCT Treatment - a two tiered approach that is compose of a chemo therapy and the stem cell treatment in Mexico which he is currently crowd funding in order for him to receive the treatments. Find out more of Russell's take on his MS Diagnosis and his courses of actions toward his treatment. 

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Claire Hooper is the administrator of the Adult Stem Cell Advocate's Group and a contributor to Stem Cells Pioneers. She is currently based in BOMA in Houston, TX. She was involved in a car accident more than two decades ago when she was working as a probation pearl officer which led to her knee and back injury and eventually led to her disability. As her knees and back began to rapidly deteriorate, she began doing an extensive research on alternative treatments as opposed to the traditional ones which are  invasive, risky and could further lead to other surgeries and narcotic drug dependencies.  She was quite optimistic that her own stem cells can treat her and improve her condition. She is now seeking to receive her bone marrow derived stem cells to treat her orthopedic conditions. Find out more of her advocacy on stem cell treatments and how she fights for the petition of eliminating the restriction on every patient's rights to access their own stem cells. 

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James Roth is a University Professor in Shenzhen, China for over 9 years now. On May13th , he had caught a slip and fall accident while walking and unfortunately broke his right wrist. He knew that time that he needed a medical attention and went straight to the nearest hospital in the location. He went to  The University of Hong Kong-Shenzhen Hospital to have himself checked. His initial thought on his accident that something was just dislocated in his wrist but apparently he needed to be admitted to the hospital. After undergoing x-rays and tests, the doctor consulted him about placing titanium plates on his wrist. Find out more of his hospital experiences and his current condition after the surgery. 


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Santi Bahri is the founder and CEO of a medical tourism company based in Bombay, India called Medsurge Healthcare Consultants. Basically, they are inclined to providing quality medical assistance to patients overseas who are seeking treatment options in India

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Stacy Eckel is a resident of Miami, FL and had a weight-loss surgery back in January 2013. 12 years prior her surgery, Stacy was severely overweight and has been struggling to find ways on how to lose weight. She has been declined by several insurance companies of assistance stating that she does not qualify to their insurance standards because she was healthy despite her being overweight. A nurse in a clinic, she was referred to, suggested her to go to Mexico to do the surgery but like any other first-timers, Stacy was skeptic of the idea of traveling overseas and have herself treated in a different country. After a much comprehensive research online, she was  finally determined to go to Mexico and get the procedure done. Find out more of her actual experiences before and after the surgery and how it has drastically changed her appearance and her life in general.

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Kristine Blanche is a Certified Physician Assistant and an Integrative Healthcare Provider. She has been practicing Integrative Medicine for ten years focusing on patients’ Holistic Cancer care and Integrative Cancer care helping them with their battle with cancer. She recently decided to run a study on Digital Infrared Thermography as a preventive tool for breast cancer which she is currently funding in Indiegogo. This technology basically helps detect the underlying causes of your illness years ahead than of a traditional mammogram or ultrasound. Find out more of this medical breakthrough and how it can help anyone take control over their illness and live a healthier lifestyle. Part 2 of 2.

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