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Linsey Hyatt shares the struggle of her son Tucker Beau who was diagnosed with Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis at the age of two. Prior to his diagnosis, Linsey and her husband, Todd, started to see some changes in their son. He would run extremely high temperatures, would get a rash all over his body and completely quits eating. Tucker Beau grew up with active arthritis in his hips, both knees and ankles, his elbow and both his wrists. At that time, he also developed fluid around his heart and other organs were enlarged and inflamed. They tried several treatment options but these treatments never fully kept the arthritis in remission.

Linsey and Todd knew that Tucker Beau's body cannot keep up with the medications and they wanted to explore all possible options until such time they heard about Celltex and stem cell treatment. They took a leap of faith with Celltex because they believed that these stem cells may not work but could not harm him in any way. He was the first child in the U.S. to undergo stem cell therapy.  Tucker Beau had his first extraction last May of 2014 and had his first infusion therapy in Cancun on August 2014.

Find out more how stem cell treatment has changed the lives of Tucker Beau and his parents and how this treatment had him walk back on his own two feet for the longest time.

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Fiona Cunningham shared the lifelong battle of her daughter Sarah Hughes with her illness that started when she was still an infant. Sarah lived normally when she was born but not until she turned 6 months old that they noticed lymph nodes on her legs while she was sitting up and crawling. Her temperatures at that time was at its peak and she started to get some rashes too. Fiona was advised by her sister to bring Sarah to Mayo Clinic which at 11-months old, Sarah was fully diagnosed to have Systemic Juvenile Arthritis.

Sarah's life was generally at risk due to her illness. Her systemic nature started attacking her digestive system and made it difficult for her to eat. At that time, she was on two doses of chemotherapy, steroids and taking 23 drugs literally just to keep her alive but her body wasn't really responding to these treatments. Fortunately, Fiona was employed in the Arthritis Foundation to which she found out about Celltex and learned about stem cell treatments.

The decision to receive stem cell treatments, although not immediate, was an easier decision to make for Sarah. She had her first infusion on November 2014 of 600 million stem cells to which she received in Mexico. Prior to the stem cell infusion, Sarah was mostly at bed rest. However, 6 months after her treatment, she felt energetic and was able to eat food she had never eaten before.

Sarah's life after stem cell treatment has changed a lot and seeing her now has given hope for people with no hope.

Find out more about this inspiring journey of Sarah and her mother, Fiona.

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Dr. Gerhard Subenhuner from the German Medical Center located in Frankfurt, Germany was joined by Martin Czaikowski, who is the Vice Director of the German Cancer Society shares the breakthrough therapies and treatments they use in their country that is proven to be effective in treating various types of cancers. These include hyperthermia, insulin potentiation therapy, detoxification or a combination of each practiced only in Germany. Pharmacies in Germany are allowed to promote drugs and substances which are very known to be successful in treating cancer but for some reasons, the big companies would not produce it. 

In this episode, Gerhard and Martin have detailed the processes involved in each type of treatment and how one patient from Australia and another patient from Netherlands, who traveled to Germany, have both had successful results using these treatments.

Find out how these therapies work and the processes involved in it and how effective it is in treating a patient with cancer.

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Lisa Cohen is the published author of the book called “Overcome The BS of MS: A 3-Step Plan For Women Living With Multiple Sclerosis” and the founder of Rockstar Women with MS.

In 2001, Lisa was diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS and at that point, her symptoms don't come and go. She experienced worsening physical impairments which made her daily activities more difficult to do. After much realization, Lisa has developed a "rockstar" mindset and believed that there are options to get better and be the person she wanted to be. She got used to dealing with the illness and it became easier for her to live the rockstar life.

Through her own experience and by talking to women suffering from MS in the different states in the US and in other countries, Lisa was compelled to write the book which aims to empower women and help them live actively to further improve their way of life.

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Dr. Robyn Benson is the Founder and CEO of Healthy Travelers Global Summit and the Founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health. She is also the author of the book called Healthy Traveler’s Guide: Retrain, Regain, and Renew Yourself – Eight Pathways to Smart and Conscious Travel. Her 23 years of medical experience and her travel quests into 70 different countries have changed her life and have brought the best of her skills and knowledge to every treatment she provides her patients. Her passion is to take people through a major transformation in their healthcare as well as empower them to take charge of their own well being for years to come.

They provide different services which varies from Acupuncture, IV Therapies, Life Coaching, Chiropractic, Prolozone, Skin Regeneration, Therapeutic Massage and many others. They also provide a two-day retreat for patients who are determined on improving their healthcare.

This year Robyn will be hosting the Healthy Traveler's Global Summit wherein she will be interviewing 30 highly-acclaimed medical and travel experts and hear insights from them about the health, wellness and travel industry.

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Pat Ziemer is the Founder and CEO of Magna Wave Inc. which operates on a device called Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy equipment for the last 10 years. This device has been widely used in Europe to treat humans for more than 30 years already. It is a device that creates a very strong magnetic field of about 1700-1900 Gauss which is basically stronger than any other MRI devices. These magnetic fields go into the tissue of the body which makes the cell wall more permeable allowing more oxygen into the cells and helps the cells function more properly. 

The process helps reduce pain, inflammation and also promotes healing in a non-invasive manner. People who suffer from mild to severe conditions can benefit from this therapy and through the high voltage of Magna Wave, immediate results can be felt after the first treatment.

Find out how this medical device has helped improve the lives of many people experiencing pain and other conditions. 

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Pablo Castillo is the Founder and CEO of Medbrick, a Montreal, Canada-based company which caters to Canadian patients wanting to receive healthcare specifically in Latin America. Canadians typically use their public system for their healthcare, however, in some cases, medical procedures are not covered by their system and these treatments are expensive if done in the private hospitals which could be very costly if paid out-of-pocket.

This led to the founding of Medbrick 5 years ago to help patients receive medical treatments abroad giving them a huge amount of savings but still receive great quality of service.

In this episode, Pablo also shared about the first Canadian Medical Tourism Tradeshow to be held in Canada this August gathering the medical and wellness providers all over the world which aims to educate Canadians and help them gain more awareness of the opportunity to receive medical care abroad.

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Ken and Carol Purves narrate their wonderful experience when they traveled down to Mexico to receive dental treatments. Their trip was facilitated by Dental Departures and were attended by Sani Dental Group in Los Algodones, which is basically just minutes away from the US border.

In this episode, Ken and Carol shared about the extensive dental procedures they had which is way cheaper than what they could have in Canada or in the US. They have also taken into account how the dental staff of Sani Dental Group displayed an excellent level of professionalism and dedication to their service.

Find out about this interesting story and how traveling to Mexico has brought back their confidence.

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Paul McTaggart is the Founder and CEO of Dental Departures which is based in the United States facilitating dental services to patients allowing them the ability to travel to different countries to receive quality dental care at an affordable cost.

Their objective in putting up Dental Departures was to make it easy for people to find quality global dentists at the most secure and most cost-effective way.

Find out how Paul and his staff ensure an excellent overall experience for patients and helping them achieve a quality of life through their smiles.

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Dr. Cristy Kessler is a motivational speaker, author, a tenured professor in University of Hawaii and a survivor. For the first 26 years of her life, Dr. Kessler has been in chronic pain and fatigue and in 2007 she was diagnosed with three rare autoimmune diseases: scleroderma, ankylosing spondylitis, and vasculitis. She received several treatments and medications in the different hospitals in the US which, apparently, did not seem to be a success because they were only treating the symptoms not the disease itself.

Because of this, Dr. Kessler, together with her rheumatologist, decided that she finds other healthcare options for her illness and made a choice to live. In 2011, she traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to receive stem cell transplant which literally saved and changed her life.

Find out more of this inspiring story!


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This is the first episode of 2015 and Dr. Michael Belich has graced us with this interview wherein he shares his takeaways from his recently attended event called Exponential Medicine held in San Diego last November 9-12, 2014 at The Hotel Del Coronado.

The Exponential Medicine event was basically a gathering of thought leaders in the field of science and technology and various organizations from across the globe whose vision and mission is to change our perception of technology and medicine and how we can utilize these technological innovations as an opportunity to improve one's healthcare, wellness and quality of life. 


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